Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lava flow funky french

 This is the third polish from this W7 collection, the other two, I've showed here (Salt n Pepper) and here (Mosaic). My favorites are definitely this one and Salt n Pepper. And Lava flow is indeed very similar to Salt n Pepper except for the red glittery glitter shining among the matte black glitters laying around in the milky base. The application is also the same, two coats which is awesome. I guess that it is the same polish recipe just some red glitter added.

 As you can see I choose to paint some lines with fine liners too in red, white and black. Some how it got me reminded about sports socks, you know with that ribbon going around. Oh well, I liked it anyhow.
 Above you can see a close up. I used two coats and as you can see the second coat didn't cover up the under laying glitter. Very cool in my opinion, that's why I think two coats is a must, because I think that one coat could cover up short nails but then you'd loose this effect. :)

 Polishes used:
W7 Nail Polish - Lava flow
Wet n Wild (blueish iridescent sheer shimmer)
Sure Promise (black)
Sure Promise (white)
L.A. Colors Art Deco - Red

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  1. Hi Gelic! This is a great idea for a manicure! Lava flow is very pretty, and love how it combines with the stripes. I get what you said about sport socks, but I hadn't that impression until I read our words.
    Have a nice Sunday! xx

  2. Jättesnyggt! Jag är så imponerad av din kreativitet!

    1. Åh tack! Alltid kul när det uppskattas! :D

  3. Really funky!! :D
    I really like the Lava Flow polish!!!
    I want it too!! ;)

  4. Wow, so cool! I love the thin lines, you've done them very nicely!

    1. Thank you, I put a lot of time to get them nice and thin and had to edit them several times until I was content. :)


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