Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nail Care and Polish favorites list 2012

The 2012 lists are popping up and this one comes from FruVesa's blog, even though I first saw the list at Cactus' blog.

Nail care favorites

Nail polish remover: 100% Acetone. I purchase 1 liters bottle each time haha.. I know some people say that it isn't good for your nails, and maybe it's bad for many hands and nails, but mine seem to work fine. And I love that I don't have to rub the nails silly when removing glitters, they just goes off like butter. ;) Well, almost.
Cuticle remover: None.
Hand cream: Occasionally Oliva by CCS Eco. Not because I think it works per ce, just because I LOVE the scent.
Nourishing polish: If I must I guess I use Mavala 2fas.
Base coat: China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat.
Top coat: Seche Vite
Oil: Extra Virgin olive oil. I mean, that's awesome for everything. I often use it on my cuticles and then smears the excess over the rest of my hands. Hell, I've even removed makeup with it!
Cuticle cream: I used one from Oliva by CCS Eco, and then the bastards discontinued it before I was able to hoard it.. The smell was even more awesome than in the hand cream, not fat on the skin and nails and went in and repaired my cuticles if they where dry or needed moist. I will probably be an old lady and still complaining and nagging about this certain cuticle cream.

Nail polish favorites – Color

Gold: China Glaze - Platinum Gold. I love the antique feel of this gold, not yellow as many gold are.
Silver: China Glaze - Platinum Silver. Feels like wearing aluminum over the nails (in my mind). I like that it is so non-glittering, the shimmer is so small making it look like real metal.
Bronze I go with some copper: Miss Sporty. I dont think I own a bronze polish, just the fine liner shown in the same post as Miss Sporty.
Black: Kleancolor - Black. My favorite black one-coater.
White: Kleancolor - White. My favorite white..however I'm in the end of the bottle and the brush is messing with me. It is a one-coater if applying nail art details or even large areas, also a one-coater if applying a very thick layer, HOWEVER if painting the whole nail it needs two coats. However I'll buy more of them.

The other colors are so hard. I would need a separate post for each color. It's impossible for me to chose from all the blue or the greens etc. Maybe I'll do that if I got time. Little Miss Nail Polish has done something like that and her lists are awesome! :)

Nail polish favorites – Finish

Okay, this list is like a big pinch of salt. It's just what came to my mind this very second.

: GAH! Too many of them. But a yellow creme is always a joy to see. Lets go with Kleancolor - Neon Yellow which isn't even a neon in my eyes.
Duochrome/Multichrome: Colorclub - Port-Folio..HM's Lady Luck is a close second.
Flake: Color Club - Snow-Flake. (My only flake polish!)
Foil/Metallic: Hm. Perhaps Kleancolor - Metallic Black
Frost/Pearl: I love to wear french manicures with a base coat with a pearl or iridescent finish. I have many of those polishes. Many enough that I should make a post of it. Here's a post showing Wet n Wild.
Glitter: W7 - Salt n Pepper and Ninja Polish - Humble Bee.
Jelly: Ehm.. I have no favorite yet. That's the quest for 2013!
Holo: Jade – Magia Negra.
Matt/Satin/Suede: HM's matte top coat. I works for all polishes. Ah..I do love matte polish.
Neon: Hm. I like many neons (adore) however I'll pick my favorite nail art I did last year, a neon holo gradient.
Shimmer/Glassfleck: I'll make it simpler for me, a shimmer dotted gradient nail art in dark blue and silver. I liked that one a lot and will do it again soon, but with other polishes for the sake of variation.

As you can see there is some space for tips..I don't feel very gentle with my nails with no regular cuticle oil etc. So please feel free to tell me your favorites. Preferably thoes that I can order from ebay, I got such an urge to purchase stuff on ebay right now..haha ;)


  1. Aceton är så himla effektivt men mina naglar blir liksom vita när jag använder det :( Dom ser nästan dammiga ut.. Du har tur du som kan använda det, gör ju borttagningen mycket lättare!

    1. Love it! Hm, kan bli en vit hinna på nagel och huden precis efter fast det sköljer jag bort med vatten så försvinner det. Eller ja, man kan bara gnugga bort det med. På nageln så försvinner ju hinnan genom att bara lägga på baslacket. För mig iaf, beror ju kanske på vilken nagel man har. Absoluta fördelen är ju att borttagningen är gjort på ett kick. :)

  2. Vad kul att läsa dina favoriter!!
    Måste nog införskaffa en vit KleanColor om den är så där opak!!! Visste inte det!
    Åh, tack för att du nämnde mig! <3
    Ja, har precis fått hem W7's Salt n Pepper!! När jag såg den på dig så kände jag att jag måste ha den!! :D
    Har du provat Snow-Flake?? Har jag missat det??

    1. Tack! Ja testa! Jag tycker den är den bästa vita jag har provat hittills faktiskt. Inte perfekt men inte långt ifrån. Borsten på just den vita kleancolor:en var däremot jobbig, lite ruffsig så det underlättar inte appliceringen men ingen av mina andra kleancolor är ju så.
      Ja, jag har provat Snow-Flake på flera tillfällen till nail arts men jag jag kollade nyss och jag har inte visat upp den på bloggen! :O Ligger som arkiverat men dyker upp inom kort.
      Och Salt n Pepper...mmm vad jag gillar den. Hoppas även du köpte lava flow från w7, den är också riktigt fin, om man får sägat själv. ;)

  3. Kul att läsa din lista :) Finns en del som jag är sugen på att testa. Först och främst Kleancolor Metallic Black.

    1. Kul att det var läsvärt! :) Metallic black blev jag jättepositivt överraskad av. Den ser finare ut på naglarna än på flaskan och täcker på ett lager utan problem! Jag bara gapade av lycka när jag var färdigmålad. :)


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