Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mosaic funky french

 Hello girls! It's a wonderful Saturday and I'm off north in Sweden visiting my parents. So not to let the blog die during the week-end when I want to socialize, I've scheduled my posts.

This is a polish I really like, its from W7 Nail Polish, a brittish budget brand I really like and really recommend. This is part of a collection of three containing Mosaic (this one) and Salt n Pepper and Lava flow which I'll show you tomorrow! It's not a new collection but I'd like to show it any how.

To make this manicure funnier I decided to make it pointy looking, like if I'd used tape (which I haven't)

As you can see in the close up; the base is bright blue and is filled with dark blue glitter (which appears matte but isn't) and glittery light green glitter.
What you can also see in the above picture is that the finish (like on the other two) is milky, or half jelly. The third and final coat doesn't cover the under laying glitter creating an almost jelly sandwich effect which I really like.
 This polish is actually not my favorite of the three, not because it's ugly, but because I find the other so super awesome!
 Something I regret making this manicure is the choice of base polish, it's too opaque I think. And I'm not sure I like this kind of way making funky frenches. And yes, a down side as to all glitter polishes is that it take some time removing.
Polishes used:
Collection 2000 (base)
W7 Nail Polish - Mosaic
Sure Promise (black)

I bought my W7 Nail polishes at They usually have a take three W7, pay for two-offer which is awesome.

So, do you like this one? Do you own any W7 Nail Polishes?


  1. I really like the Mosaic polish!!
    Wow! Where in UK can you get that? Boots? Superdrug?

    1. Hm, I actually don't know in which physical stores you can get it. I guess it's googleable if you're going there. I bought mine from I've seen that it's not many sites who ship to sweden so I had to search for a while, because I knew I was going to get these! No way I was going to let them be just lemmings for ever! :D haha

  2. Ok! Thanks!!
    I'll google and maybe ask some british nail blogger as well.
    I'm going to London i March actually! :D

    1. Oh, lucky you, I also want to go to London! Hope you'll find it! :D


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