Friday, November 30, 2012

Pink crackle on bright blue nails

What about something blue for this Friday? I've got one picture to show you and it is edited on two nails which you will notice. Archive again. So as you can see it's a nail art with a pink crackle diving the nail.

 Polishes used:
HM Nail Polish - Blue my mind
Isadora Graffiti - Masterpiece Pink
Sure Promise (black)

Do you think this a good use for crackles you think? I'm ambivalent, maybe on longer nails?


  1. I like that you didn't use crackle on the whole nail. This is much better in my opinion! :) But I'm not a crackle fan at all... ;)
    Happy to see my absolute favourite blue polish on you, Blue my mind!! :D Love it!!!

    1. No, I'm honestly not a fan either. I always imagine that it will look nice before I paint it and then it doesn't and I want to redo everything right after. I remember that I didn't like it and then tries on things like this, because I'm sure I'll like it then...and then I don't, AGAIN! :D But fun trying at least.
      And yes, it's an gorgeous polish! :D


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