Friday, November 16, 2012

Like dark green chocolate sauce on light green marzipan..

More chocolate sauce feeling nail arts. Well, that's how I like to see these nail arts made with the pencil end of the Sure Promise polishes. This was made shortly after the one you saw yesterday was made. The result isn't sharp but maybe that's the charm of it?! And a fine liner polish is always the best for straight lines, but for round shapes it's amazing.

 Ehm, I must confess that I'm pretty impressed by the fact that I was able to accomplish this on both hands, looking almost the same! :O

 This above is my favorite with the "side-flowers", when you put the right and left finger together they go "full circle" or well, "full flower" so to speak. :)

Sure Promise (light green with the brush end)
Sure Promise (dark green with the pencil end)
(Yayness for two-way-polishes! So multi-purpose)

This is as you can see a straight line design, what do you think about this? Is it some charm in it being non-sharp or does it just feel messy? :)

Oh, for more of my side-flowers, look HERE. :) There you also can see what I mean by straight sharp lines mentioned above.


  1. I like it a lot this way! The light green is beautiful! And so well don in both hands.

  2. The green looks like the gel they use to write on cakes with! Do you know what I mean??
    A pretty manicure!
    Impressed with your accurate work on both hands!!

    1. Yes, I know which one you mean! But I don't know what it's called though! :)
      Thank you as well :) Practice makes perfect as they say. Or to start painting the right one and then copying to the left hand. ;) Never start painting the left one I say! :D


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