Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The fake duochrome nail art with flower stickers

Well, the title isn't 100% true, but the reason for the title is that a friend of mine of the second day I wore this said that she thought that is was duochrome. And I can't blame her since the colors are really tone in tone. The green one is Gussied Up Green by China Glaze, if you hadn't already figured that out. ;)

It is a very simple nail art. First I alternated between green and the brown and then made small sloping tips at the smiley. At the end I attached some flower stickers on my accent nails.

And I will also show you a sloppy picture.. haha. I guess that one was taken is artificial yellow light so the colors aren't perhaps 100% correct but the shimmer in the polish came out so nicely so I figured that I'll show it to you. And also you will see how it looked with out the clean up and stickers. ;)

Polishes used:

China Glaze - Gussied Up Green
Paris Memories (brown shimmer)


  1. What a lovely combination!! :D
    It really looks duochrome at first glance!
    And OMG what a clean up you did this time ;)

  2. Glad you liked it! :)
    hahaha, yes, there was some major clean up for this ;)

  3. Snyggt matchat och läcker design. Om jag skulle kunna ha nailart vore det här absolut något för mig men jag blir ju så lätt nervös om inte alla är lika. Klarar inte ens en accentnagel nu för tiden.

    1. Tack! Jaha, för mig är det lite tvärtom, jag blir lite less om det är för lika hela tiden. Ibland går det bra men någon gång i veckan vill jag ha lite accentnaglar :D Kanske är något som kommer och går det där, vad man är sugen på alltså! :)

  4. Very elegant mani, I like dark colours a lot! specially green. Lovely work!

    1. Thank you! I love that green one too. It is so nice to wear during autumn/the dark side of the year.


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