Monday, November 19, 2012

Chill out n' feeling blue

Striking title huh? ;)
And yes, for the first time I'm in for Mrs Datas Blue Monday, better late than never though! :D
What you're looking at is some "old" HM nail polish - Enchantress Emma with some flower nail art on the ring finger. I remember that it was very sheer and took about five coats to cover.
Flowers where made with a dotting tool with one end on each side, one smaller and one larger.

Polishes are:
HM Nail Polish -Enchantress Emma
Paris Memories (black)


  1. Åh, det här lacket var riktigt fint, en härlig nyans. Dessutom skulle jag gärna skaffa det bara på grund av namnet.

    1. Ja, den är inte så dum :) Haha och ja, det kan jag tänka mig ;) Däremot vet jag inte om den finns kvar fortfarande! :O

  2. Gorgeous shade! very "spicy" picture, by the way have you shorten your nails a little or is it my impression.

    1. Oh, on the picture the nails ARE shorther, you've got a sharp eye! ;) However this is a archive picture, which explains the length. I must remember to write down if it's an archive post in the future so there won't be any question marks about that :D

  3. Love the title of this post! :D lol!
    This polish is very pretty!
    I saw it several times at H&M, but I never bought it... :/
    Not sure I would have had the patience for five coats though... ;)

    1. Haha, some time I feel like in a creative mode when creating my titles ;)
      No, honestly the HM nail polishes had less good quality than now I think. Before the could be too sheer, now they are more like 1-2 coaters. So I actually think you made the right choice. :P


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