Monday, November 12, 2012

Some nail related purchases..

For next year I'm prepared.I've bought Halloween fimos and water decals. I knew that my Halloween stuff wouldn't get here in time but the latest Halloween I've wanted to have them but I've always realized it too late.
This picture belongs to the seller I bought them from; 1theland-fr
And as a recap; my Halloween contribution for this year. (pictures are "clickable"):

I actually got some more fimos on it's way to me as well. Some more Halloween fimos and also some winter/Christmas fimos. For this year I'm prepared for a lots of fun nail art! :D

For tomorrow I've prepped a tutorial of needle dragging nail art that I hope you'll enjoy! :D


  1. Oooooooo! Great!!! I can't wait until tomorrow for the tutorial!!!! :D
    I love what you bought! Shame it's a whole year to next halloween... :/ Can't you try some of the fimos before that? Please.... ;)
    Your halloween manis was really great this year!

    1. Haha, yes, a whole frickin' year! And thank you!
      Yes, it's not impossible that I could! I also have like a hundred or two other fimos that I could show/wear! :) I love fimos but I wear them way too seldom! Must change that! :) One fimo nail art/week would be awesome, how I now ever would have the time for that! :O :D

    2. Yes! I'd love that!!! A whole fimo week!!! :D
      I'm currently working on my post for tomorrow and I'm mentioning you in it... :)
      So be sure to check it out tomorrow afternoon! ;)

  2. So here it is, imagine a whole stadium yelling:WE WANT FIMOS!! WE WANT FIMOS!! WE WANT FIMOS!!

    I got some winter and Christmas fimos last week, but they're all cut and in pretty boxes (can't bother with cutting because I'm to clumsy)

    1. Haha! Yes, I maybe should do some sort of fimo week! :D They are so fun and can really pimp up a nail art :D

      Ohh, looking forwars to see your fimos in action! I have a few in boxes too but I guess it's cheaper buying them "whole" so that's why. But it's not that hard to cut them thin in my opinion, just a really sharp knife and an awareness of where my fingers are! ;D


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