Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blue shimmer funky french

For today I have a simple and quick nail art I made some time ago. It's not my favorite one, I had an idea of making the smiley very straight but afterwards I've learned that I like the more smiling smiley more. ;)
A bit crappy pictures as well. One is with flash and one is in more darkness.

Polishes used:
Sure Promise (light blue)
Sure Promise (blue)

Do you out there have any opinions about smilies? Should the edge be rounded or square? Should the line be straight, natural or exaggerated? :)


  1. I like them straight but this was lovely too!
    Congrats to winning the Skyfall Bondettes by the way! :D

  2. Oh, thank you. When I read your comment I hadn't read trough my blog list yet so I first didn't get it. Then it struck me! ;D

  3. Lovely blue French!
    OK, here is a confession: I'm boring enough to like a standard classic french manicure! And funky French, or French with a twist, I love them too! I think they make a great nail art, without being too elaborated or hard to do. As for the "smile", I think it depends a little on the nail shape, if the tips are more oval, a happier smile looks better in my opinion. I have a long nail base, and wear my tips mostly square, then on me I prefer straight French!

    1. Thank you! Interesting thoughts about the smiley and shape of the actual nail. I've always thought that some people look best in one and others in another and your conclusions seems very true! :D You are so wise! :D


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