Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My recent polish hauls..

 I got them like one or two weeks ago but I haven't got the time to share them with you. So, some bottle pictures for you then. :)
I couldn't help my self and bought the whole Color Club Holo Collection, and it was worth it! I've tried two of them and I'm so impressed by the formula and the rainbows. If you've been thinking of buying holo I can really recommend these. The downside is though that the colors are a bit pale.

Little Miss Nail Polish photos got my to get this flaky thing from Color Club called Snow-Flakes.
 Above is China glaze - Lubu Heels, Hello Gorgeous! and Sensuous. Lubu Heels I've longed for a long time, but it has been out of stock or I've just prioritized it down, but this time I grabbed it. Hello Gorgeous from China Glaze's breast cancer campaign was a must after Claws in Colors pictures and the fact that they are for a good cause is great. Sensuous I bought because I wanted a sheer color to have for my french manicures.
 Here I have 4 polishes from China Glaze and their old Romantics collection, from the left: Harmony, Delight, Cherish and Adore.  The fifth polish is Agro.
 Above is the lovely Stella from China Glaze.
 Above you see China Glaze's summer Neon collection except two colors that I already had. Yummy, but unusually many pink colors to be me.
 Above are some base coat and top coat.
 And above and below is my gift from One Inch Nails giveaway filled with four tiny OPI polishes from the Skyfall collection. So thank's again for that Chaosophia!
And except above mentioned polishes I also bought the rest on the duochromed collection from China Glaze, namely Swanky Silk and Want My Bawdy.

When my boyfriend saw this he asked me; "And now you don't need to buy some more for a long while, right? Right?"

I could have been like that, but I've already found four China Glaze and two Color Clubs that I REALLY need, you know desperately. Now I just need to find three more polishes to fill a SFRB.. :D


  1. Fantastic!

    Haha love what your boyfriend said! My hubby is exactly the same. They don't understand, they really don't.

    1. Oh no, they don't. They don't got a clue! :D

  2. Nu kan du BADA i ett hav av lack! Jippie!

    1. Ja verkligen! Nu måste jag dock inhandla mer fö är det inte hållbart över huvud taget längre... :/

  3. OMG!!! What a lot of beauties!!! :D WOW!! Lucky you!!
    Hope you like Snow-flakes... I'll feel guilty if you hate it... :/
    You bought "some" top coat..?? LOL! :D Ok, if you say so ;)

    1. Haha, I liked it so no worries. I missed the serious hype when they where around so I never became fed up on them. It feels like fun to have. :)
      And yea, some top coat is great to have you know! ;D haha

  4. oj oj oj oj såna godbitar :)
    har också gjort mitt sinne gladare med några godbitar på senaste tiden :D får nog sluta snart för de får inte plats i min låda mer :D

    1. Ja verkligen! Jag har inte heller plats för mer nu. Däremot tänker jag inte sluta köpa utan i stället köpa mer utrymme! ;D hihi


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