Monday, November 5, 2012

My new favorite black and white one-coater brand!

Today I will talk about something very important in the world of nail art, namely black and white nail polish and their qualities. I think that the most important thing is that they are one-coater. This is important when making dots with a dotting tool or making sections colored. Especially when making precise and delicate work, one wouldn’t want to paint the area twice just because it isn’t opaque enough. And I also hate being forced to start with a certain color just because another one isn’t opaque. Another important issue which comes with the benefit of being one-coater is that they dry quickly and if you’re going to make something advanced it will take some time, and it’s unnecessary to increase that time making it doing many coats just achieving full opaqueness, giving longer drying time.

Of cause it is important that all colors are as opaque as possible, but for me I’ve found that white and black has been the most important one. It is also they, except base coat/top coat that I use the most and must consume the most. And for that reason I don’t mind them being cheap as well.

I’ve tried several of black and whites, and I’ve actually found my favorite. Black are mostly easier, some of the ones I’ve used has just demanded two coats. White has been more of a mess, more like four never drying thick coats mostly.

So for the brand I’m about to haul a bunch of in black and white:

Kleancolor – Black
Kleancolor – White
They are both one-coaters and has worked fine for me. When I apply I don’t use the thinnest coat but not the thickest either, just normal ones.

Hope this helps someone because I’ve searched for this for quite some time before I came across of Kleancolor.

I buy all my Kleancolor from ebay-seller: joy017.
The polishes are cheaper there than at for example beautyjoint. Shipping has been fast and everything has worked fine when I’ve bought things there. And also, a free gift in each package. ;)

An advantage purchasing from an ebay buyer is that they work hard for their feedback ratio, for me it feels safer buying from them since I would get my money back if the package wouldn’t arrive. :)


  1. Awsome! Har letat efter såna. Super bra post:-)

    1. Va bra! Då var det inte bara jag som letat då! ;) Hoppades att det skulle hjälpa någon :)

  2. Bra tips, jag letar alltid efter bättre vita och svarta krämlack!

    1. Va bra! :) Om du köper dem hoppas jag att du kommer gilla dem! :)

  3. Gelic, I just love you for this post! You absolutely red my mind, how did you do that? I'm having such a hard time getting the right one coat white polish! I wonder if they ship to my country?

    1. Haha, I don't know ;)
      I just checked, if you mean switzerland them seem to do!


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