Friday, November 23, 2012

Into the rainbow..

Well, some more archive then, I really like rainbows even though this one got messed up as you will see at the last picture. I think I made something else after but I can't remember.

 Below; one messed up ring finger.
All polishes where Sure promise, I really like those polishes, they are so bright and perfect for rainbows. Since they are fine liners I just make one line at the time. :)

If you want to see a rainbow manicure that I've made and which I really liked, check this post out:


  1. There's nothing like a rainbow to lighten up a Black Friday, lol!
    I love it, I may try once, but I still suck at striping so I need to practice a lot first!
    So what do you do when you get a smudge? slap some Fimo over it? by the way, when are we going to see some Fimo in your nail art? I'm impatient!

    1. Thank you! Hm, when it get smudged.. Sadly it's often on the very tip the smudge is and that position isn't best one for fimos. Otherwise I probably would! ;)
      If everything is destroyed (like if I go to bed and I lay on all my nails somehow..) I actually redo everything, probably something completely new. If it's one nail that's ruined and I'm not 100% content I usually remove everything and make something new which I like more. And if it's one nail and I'm happy with the design I either saves it with more polish or I'll just redo that specific nail from scratch.

      And yes, I actually have been having some fimos on my nails lately! However eight now I don't have the time to edit my photos so I'll have to stick with my prepared ones a while more. But they'll come, I promise you! :D

  2. I want to see some Fimo too!!! ;)
    I like these rainbows a lot!
    The colours give me an 80s-feeling ;)

    1. Yes, it's definitely a 80s-feeling going on here! And I like it! :D And yes, I will show you some fimos as soon as I got some time off to edit them and make posts. I've got some very busy weeks ahead but they'll come. ;D


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