Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nails with a retro feel

Well, at least I get a retro feel by looking at this. :) The lines are made with a fine liner from Sure Promise and the nude base is from a really old HM Nail Polish called nude. So old that they had ball shaped bottles, to you remember them? For like 10 years ago when I didn't do so much nail art I bought many of those, especially in Nude and another one called Dawn, which was a light pink shimmer.
Polishes used:
HM Nail Polish - Nude
Sure Promise (turquoise)


  1. What a fun mani!!
    Is it 50s style perhaps...?
    I bought HM's Nerd a while ago.
    Is it similar to their old Nude...?

    1. Yes it might be that! :D
      Hm, I think that the colors are alike but that nerd is more streaky like if it where a "dirty pastel", meanwhile nude was sheer but covered in two or three coats and not as streaky. If I remember everything right. :) Couldn't find my Nerd laying around so I can't compare right now either. :)


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