Monday, February 4, 2013

Girly Floam - Ninja Polish swatches

For today I have a floam to show. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, pink isn't my favorite shade but matte glitter is so I figured that I should add it to my other "floam family". ;)

This is five coats, however I've used five coats for my other floams too and others use three I've read. I guess that I make thin coats or something. It contains of matte pink and purple fine glitter and is in a clear base.
 It was more purple than I thought and had a more "dull" pink color than I thought but I still like it, especially for nail art I guess.
A downside with this floam comparing to my other floams was that it was very top coat hungry.  I first painted one and the surface was still gritty and then I added another thick coat. The next they it was gritty again and I painted another top coat on it. Because I really like the surface to feel glass like. :)


  1. I like it! I must get myself some Floam! ;)

    1. Yes you should! ;) I really like them despite all the coats but then again I love matte glitters ;)


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