Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Maybelline Colorama - Pow Green

Hi! It's Wednesday and I've timed in Green Wednesday which Karin from the Swedish blog Vacker&Underbar has started. Anyhow, the green polish I'm showing is Pow Green from Maybelline Colorama and bought from HM. And for some reason I needed a whole bunch of photos of it. :)

I really got a thing for green polishes going towards yellow. This one has some color in it making it look a bit dirty but I don't mind that. A girl in my school actually commented that yellow nails was too soon. Yellow? And whatever too soon? Nah, don't agree with any of her statements.
And when talking about the color, we recognize this, right? Amongst many possible dupe's,  HM's own polish - I'm not a kiwi, seems like an exact match comparing bottles.
With flash.
Then you might wonder if this is worth having in any way? I say no. I had to use 3 coats to make it cover and I would have needed one more to get rid of the some streaky spots, but of some reason it looks very opaque in the pictures.
Florescent indoor light.
And another reason why not getting this is the price. It cost the same as HM's polishes but it has 7ML instead of HM's polishes which have 9ML. And I happen to know that I'm not a kiwi covers in just two coats and has a great formula.
Window outdoor light.
I had many complaints but I still like the color though.
Comparison between a really green bottle.
Have any of you tried any of these "new" Maybelline bottles? Have the polishes been good?


  1. Ja, jag har ett från denna nya serien, ett bärrosa med microglitter. Helt ok!

    1. Inte illa ändå. Glömde att kika idag när jag var på HM vilket du menade. Jag kanske överdrev lackets "kasshet" i inlägget, färgen är fin och lacket är ändå okej. Men den slås av ju av INAK, hade jag inte haft den så hade jag gillat detta lack mer.

  2. Jag har inte provat något av Maybelline än i alla fall. Älskar verkligen dom här Shrek gröna lacken.

    1. Ja, du är inte ensammen om att gilla den gröna färgen. Shrek-grön är ett bra namn på färgen, då vet man direkt vad det handlar om. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Ja, den är riktigt snygg! Jag tycker om att bära nyansen verkligen :)

  4. Very pretty! And so you! ;)
    And... eh... it's not yellow and it's not too soon!! Ignore her! ;)
    I haven't tried any of Maybelline's new range but I'd like to take the opportunity to warn you for the bright dark turquoise one in their new range! It very very very discolouring!! A friend of mine had to go to nail salong and have it filed off!! :/


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