Saturday, February 16, 2013

W7 - Black cherry with white flower stickers

Seems like yesterday was the third Friday in a row which I didn't have time to blog but things are as they are. For this Saturday I at least got something for you. Not the most difficult nail art, the opposite, stickers and a polish I like a lot, namely W7 - Black Cherry. What I don't like is the quality of my photos, and these one here was still the best on.

 Back to the polish, this is actually my second bottle of this. The first one I bought at the swedish store Rusta when I was a child, then W7 had square bottles. I liked it but on day I accidentally broke the bottle and I was forced to throw it away. Last year I ran in to W7 again and I remember the name of the polish and couldn't help my self searching for it. I didn't think it would still be available, but it was!
I remember that the formula was good on this and I'm pretty sure that it covered in one coat even though I'm in the photos have 2-3 coats. The color is like a very dark cherry/plum color towards brown with a hint of purple in it. The photo below is taken with flash to give you a hint of where it's leaning.
And as you see I've embellished my cherry nails with white nail stickers bought at ebay. :)

I really like this dark kind of colors which is almost black but it's obvious that there is a color beneath. Even though they are more appropriate for autumns and not for spring time I guess ;).
I got this for 2,3£ which is 24SEK so it's a good budget option.


  1. Dekalerna är fina, men färgen på lacket ställer jag mig lite tveksam till. Inte riktigt min grej.

    1. Ja gillar man inte riktigt mörka lack så är detta ovan inget att ha. :) Är nog bara tur att man inte gillar allt man ser, man skulle annars bli så fattig då! ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Ja jag gillar det också! :) Att det är billigt skadade ju inte heller.. hehe ;)

  3. Oh Gelic what a gorgeous manicure! the dark shades suit you heavenly, you should wear them more often! so lovely!

    1. Thank you! :D I really like them even though some people says that dark colors look better on short nails. I must buy more of these shades though. :D


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