Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine day nail art with fimos and rhinestones

Happy Valentine's day to all checking out my blog today! :) Of cause I have a nail art inspired by this day to show. It's a sloping french manicure with rhinestones and some accent fimo hearts as accent nails.

 It's per ce a very simple nail art but I hope you liked it! :)
Polishes and materials used:
ZTIZ nail polish (white)
L.A. Colors Art Deco - Black
3 MM red rhinestines
Red heart fimos


  1. So pretty!, I guess you need very long nails to do that! lucky you.
    Happy v-day gelic!

    1. Happy v-day to you too! :D
      And thank you! I don't think you need that long for this, just not use 3MM rhinestones, but 1MM's then there would be lot more space for fimos. And I guess making the line diagonal over the whole nail maybe to use all space. :)


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