Thursday, February 21, 2013

Random stamping nail art

Hi! Archive nails as you can see. Nothing special to see here more than some previous stamping attempts with random Konad image plates. Hope you're not getting too bored at least. :)

 I was trying out different polishes and tried to see how different brands and opacities worked.
The thing I like best is my ring finger with the two colored sea horse. I should really get my stamping things out and try making a manicure with two colored objects, it looks cool. :)

Polish used for base:
China Glaze - White Out


  1. Jag anade att det var arkivbilder, för dina naglar var kortare. Men vad coolt det var med de olika mönstren! :-)

    1. Ja, väldigt mycket kortare! :D Mest var det bara ett test men sånna kan man ju också visa tycker jag. :)

  2. It's beautiful!!

    Un besito desde


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