Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recent purchases in blue

I went on some shopping yesterday and got home with some lovely polishes. Of some reason all of them are in a blue tone. Coincidence or am I feeling blue? School has really sucked out all energy from me and motivation is at the very bottom. Hopefully these polishes will cheer me up. ;)

HM - In It For The Game, HM - Norwegian Sky, HM - Come Along With Me
 Above I have three HM polishes but in two different lights. To clear everything out, the first one is white, the second one is light blue with some gorgeous shimmer which you can see on top and the third is a darker blue which is more bright than the photos show.
Isadora - Surfers Paradise, HM - Active Blue
 And two other blue polishes. The Isadora I bought for half the regular price.

Any of these you've tried and liked? Or any one of them you'd want me to try out.. like soon? :)


  1. Fina lack, jag köpte Norwegian Sky nyligen också....:-)

    1. Oh, den verkas så fin med skimret som är i en annan färg än basen. :)


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