Saturday, March 15, 2014

Multi stamping over gradient

Today it's theme no. 15 - delicate print, which I for some reason always find to be the hardest of all the challenge themes. I decided to go with stamping, which is a nail art technique I rarely use but which I felt would be appropriate for the "delicate print". I also wanted a full nail print and I didn't have any stamping pattern which was large enough for my nails so I used the same small pattern and stamped each nail something like 5 times. It's not perfect but I didn't think the flaws was that obvious IRL. And I loooooved my underlying gradient (in orange red, magenta and purple) which I'll show in a future post after this challenge.

Polishes used:
La Femme - ?
ZTIZ - ?

Nordic Cap - NP11
Konad white nail polish

Konad image plate M31


  1. This is stunning, Gelic! Your really awesome at stamping, I'm surprised we don't see you stamp more often! also I really love the pattern with the gradient colours, I think you got 'delicate' down well! :) xx

    1. Thank you Ithi! :D haha, I guess I feel that free handing is a much safer way to create nail art since stamping can fail so much.. lol But I guess if I practiced it more often I would feel more secure about it :P

  2. Supersnyggt!!! Älskar gradienten och stampingen är ju perfekt!

  3. wow, All those white details!!
    And that gradiënt looks also stunning on your nails ;)
    I'd love to wear this design in summer and spring times!!

    Thanks for sharing this mani with us
    Xx Julia

    1. Thank you! :D Yea, I'm probably going to recreate it later when summer gets closer :D

  4. Lite rörigt intryck men jäkligt snyggt!

  5. I must took a lot of time to make this stamping =)))
    I like it!
    color combo is awesome =)

    1. Thank you! Yea, it took some time ;) But worth it I think. This was also one of those manicures I had on for a couple of days so I enjoyed it for some days at least :P And LOOOOVE the color combo, must be recreated some time in the future :D


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