Thursday, January 17, 2013

Checked funky french in red and black with stars and dots

Hi everybody!
Today I have another archive manicure to show you. I really want to empty my archive because I don't like the quality of the pictures from back then, and I was really bad at cleanup and I often took my photos when I was about to remove the manicure, often because it had broke or something. But it's so hard to resist the new photos, especially when it comes to news. So I guess I'll keep with what I'm doing, showing a little bit of both. :)

However, this i a manicure I like because I really like red and black together. I've also added stars and dots over my checked funky french.
Polishes used:
Paris Memories (red)
Sure Promise (black)
L.A Colors Art Deco - Black

And yea, when speaking about dots. The swedish blogger Lelack have something called Nail Art Sunday, and the theme of this upcoming Sunday is "dots". So if you somehow has missed that, you should participate and she'll ad you to the link list that Sunday. :)


  1. Snyggt! Jag älskar franska manikyrer och speciellt när man gör en egen variant! :)

    1. Tack! :) Ja, det blir ju så mycket roligare då! :)

  2. What a fun and very creative mani Gelic'!! :D
    I'm so impressed by all your nail art designs!
    I don't know how you do it!!
    You must have a fantasy out of this world :D

    1. Thank you! It's fun to hear that you think that I do a lot of creative stuff, I always think the opposite ;) But maybe I should reconsider! :) Thank's again! :)

  3. Jättesnyggt... älskar färgkombinationen :)

    1. Tack! Jag är också förtjust i rött och svart, de passar så bra ihop! :)


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