Saturday, January 19, 2013

Magenta and red sloping funky french with star rhinestones

I wished for a calm week-end but it ended up with some work load any how. Luckily I have prepared this archive manicure for you! :)

 It's a sloping funky french in red and neon magenta. I think I painted the some what sheer red afterwards making them blend well together.
The magenta polish I've used called Savina - Dream, is surprisingly good. The bottles look a lot like the ones from China Glaze. Dream is a magenta neon which dries completely matte. The color is like from a neon pen when top coat is on. One person actually asked me if I had painted my nails with a neon pen when wearing Dream alone on my nails.

Polishes used:
Savina - Dream
Paris Memories (Red)
Sure Promise (Black)
Blue and red stars rhinestones


  1. Oh what cute little stars!! :D Love them!
    The colours go very well together too!

    1. The stars can be so cute sometimes! :D Surprisingly they did, I didn't think so at first! :)


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