Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My latest nail polish shopping

I've received some packages and some that I actually have bought at a store(!) Anyhow I though I should show you them, so here we go:

Bought at Rusta:
Sally Hansen - Base+Top coat and Sally Hansen - Sweet Tulip

Calvin Klein - Navy Sparkle
 Bought at Ninja Polish:
The black and white glitter trio: Dandy Nails - Colorblind, Dandy Nails - Colorblind^2 and Cover Band - Sticks 'n Stones

A England - Dragon and Ninja Polish - Festive Floam
 Bought at ebay:
Sheer Pastel White, Sheer Pastel Purple*, Sheer Pastel Nude, Sheer Pastel Cocoa
That "Sheer Pastel Purple" above, I'm thinking it perhaps got the wrong note on it because there is a Sheer Pastel Pink too in the collection which I don't have and my Sheer Pastel Purple is as pink as anything can be, it's not even the slightest hint of purple or blue in it..
Born to the Purple, Blue-eyed Girl, Red Hot, Party Fever, Gold Caviar

Starry Night, Grand Finale, Sugar Coat, Winter Wonderland

Clear, Madly Matte, Blind Date, Afternoon Picnic

Jewelry Red, Red Heart, Blood

Metallic White, Concrete Gray, Golden Nightmare
And that's all of them. I've tried the matte one on and will show that one later today. If you want a swatch of a certain polish, maybe because you're thinking of buying it yourself please tell and I'll do it for you. :) I have a tendency of almost never swatching my polishes, I just normally use them in a nail art and then it might not be shown in its fullness.


  1. Många snygga!! Kan du inte testa KC Matt överlack buuuums?? :-D

    1. Kommer inlägg alldeles strax! ;) Har haft den på i några dagar för att verkligen testa den.

  2. Gosh! That's a lot of polish! I can only imagine all the beautiful nail art you'll do with these babies.
    Have fun!

  3. Åhhh gud vad härligt, såå otroligt många fina färger och lack.

    1. Ja, jag är nöjd över helheten. :D

  4. Ohoho vad lack, svårt o bestämma vilket man ska prova först då :)

    1. Ja, jag blev faktiskt lite matt av att se allt samtidigt och gick och drog på mig en gammal CG i stället nu när jag bytte manikyr :D Behver smälta och samla idéer på vad jag ska göra av allt. :)


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