Thursday, January 24, 2013

Depend 2039, 2041, 2048 swatches

As you might have seen in my post from two days ago I won a giveaway from Skimmerskuggan. The price was three Depend polishes. I'm a nail art geek so I already had a plan what kind of nail art I wanted to do with them, however before going ahead with the nail art I figured that some people maybe wanted to see just how the polishes looked all alone. Somehow I just like a lot of pictures so here you go:

 Depend has these sexy names ehm, numbers..The pink one is as you can see 2039, the blackish gray is 2048 and the purple is 2041.

This picture is taken in the sun and I think this one shows the color most accurate most of the times. I was actually surprised about the pink one. It's like a pink with a hint of yellow beige in it if you know what I mean. From the bottle I thought that it was more of a pink towards purple.
The polishes are all filled with silver glass flecks. 2039 has a pink shimmer base, 2048 has a black/dark gray shimmer base but 2041 is the devil here. It does not have shimmer base, just a purple base. All of them do shimmer though because of the large amount of glass flecks in them.
This picture and many of them is taken with cold natural light from my window and accordingly the colors do look a bit colder too, as they do in reality.
The best part of these polishes are that they all needed just two coats to cover. It almost covered in one. I suspect that if you have shorter nails and paint it with one thick coat you could get a way with that.
My right hand with another color order.
I 'm guessing that drying time wasn't so good with them though. Seche Vite or some other fast drying top coat is probably a must. Also with the SV on I think that it was slow in drying.
Worth mentioning is that they are from a collection called Mirror, however I must point out that the name has nothing to say about the actual polishes finish. When I think about mirror polishes, I think about something else.
In this picture with flash I think it shows more that the pink and the black are shimmering more as you can see at my index and pointer finger. The shimmer in them glitters like some sort of microglitter which does not appear in the purple one.
Something I've noticed is that I've got a small tip wear on all nails, except the purple ones, on both hands!
My verdict then. I think I like the purple the best, just because it doesn't have that shimmer base. The lack of shimmer makes the surface look a lot more glass like, even with out top coat and I really liked that. So much I maybe need to get another bottle and also look for more glass flecked polishes like it! 2039 and 2048 feels more like Kleancolors metallic polishes when looking at the nail because the shimmer and the glass flecks merge into each other too much in my eyes. However they are all great colors so I'm really glad I'm having them. :D

Oh when I'm at it, I must complain about the prices depend got. These above as I mentioned I won in a giveaway, but the bottles are 5ML and cost 25SEK in stores.  Which is more than for example China Glace per ML.

Any questions? please shoot! :)


  1. Dom ser fina ut, men faktiskt inte något som jag känner att jag behöver. (Åh, jag blir så glad varje gång det händer, men gladast blir min plånbok!)

    1. Nej, färgerna är inte unika i sig även om dom är väldigt fin. :) Har man en hel del nagellack så är det risk att man har dem redan fast av ett annat märke. Men jag håller med om känslan, känns bra när man inser att man inte behöver ett lack, till förmån för andra lack..hihi

  2. I like the grey one best! :D
    Congrats to the win by the way!!! :D
    I don't think I'll buy any of them but I'm not a huge Depend fan anyhow ;) You think they are cheap but the bottles only hold 5 ml which isn't a lot...
    Ok, sometimes you find a gem or two in Depend's range and if you want a quick nail-fix and have no money Depend is good ;) LOL!

    1. Yes, the gray one reminds me of a charcoal pen! :)
      I totally agree with you, they only seem cheap, but the ML price is very high comparing to other brands. It wouldn't surprise me if OPI where cheaper too per ML at least. :) The advantages is for those who doesn't like internet-shopping :)

  3. Det lila gillar jag himla mycket, jag är ju lite svag för lila så det kanske inte är så konstigt ändå :-)

    1. Ja, gillar man en viss färg så dras man ju till den. Just denna lila tyckte jag dessutom var extra fin så om du gillar depend så kanske du ska gå och kika närmre på den just! :)


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