Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ninja Polish - Melted Snowman with snow man nail art

For today I have an awesome polish and awesome nail art to show you all. The star in the composition is Melted Snowman from Ninja Polish. I still don't get if I should call it I'm feeling nail-venturous as a brand also?  I started of by making a very high smiley with gray since gray is a good color when trying to complement white and black glitter polishes I think. And then I added the polish Melted Snowman. And on my left hand I painted a snowman.
 Above is my left hand and below is my right hand.
Melted snowman contains of large and medium size hexagon white glitter (for the body of the snow man) and small and even tiny black glitter(as eyes, mouth and buttons). It also have copper string glitter, which maybe could be sticks for arms or symbolize the carrot nose. The base of the polish isn't clear, it's some blueish shimmer in it too. I first was a bit disapinted when I saw the shimmer in the bottle but when on the nails I really loved the effect, little bit like the actual shimmer/glitter on snow and ice.
For this nail art I used 3-4 coats, but below you can see just one coat as a reference. As you can see from the picture above I had some problem separating the white hexagon glitter from each other so there is a need of dabbing and trying to place the glitter. However I really love this polish and think that the miner placing and dabbing problem is worth it! Drying time was normal too.

Polishes used:
HM Nail Polish - Miss Stone Heart
Jordana Pop Art - Black
Ninja Polish - Melted Snowman
for the snow man nail art:
Kleancolor - White
Kleancolor - Black
Sure Promise (orange)
Sure Promise (green)
Sure Promise (light green)


  1. Wow, du är duktig. Snyggt gjort. Sådant vågar jag mig inte på.

    1. Tack så mycket! :D Jo, blir det inte bra så är det ju bara att ta bort också kan du ju börja med något i liten skala. :D

  2. What a fun idea!! Love it!! :D
    The H&M polish looks gorgeous!! Is it old or did you get it recently?
    The Ninja polish is great too! I have something similar called Sticks'n Stones.

    1. Thank you! :D The title kinda inspired me for this. ;)
      The HM polish is quite new, bought it in the middle of 2012. Maybe you remember that they had some colors that had a lot of gray in them, not as colorful, like Dust and diamonds, manhunter etc.. in the same time this gray Miss stone heart was available. However I saw that they had it on sale for while so I don't know if its still available.
      Yes, Stick n Stones are probably quite similar, except for the shimmer and bronze string glitter in Melted snowman. I actually bought Stick's n stones recently but haven't tried it on yet! Can't wait though! :D

  3. Snyggt! Fast jag tycker synd om den stackars Snögubben som måste smälta bort :(

    1. Tack! Jo, i och för sig. Fast snön måste ju bort för att det ska bli sommar. :) Och namnet och lacket är ju väldigt fyndigt må jag säga! :)


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