Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cute bows stamped on burgundy background

For this Nail Art Sunday I have a very simple nail art and a budget brand polish to show. (Lela is away but Nail Art Sunday is still on!) This is something I made when I was at my parents house borrowing my mum's stash of nail polishes. :)

First I used this ZTIZ nail polish and as you can see from the price tag, it's really cheap, 10 SEK, which is almost £1. It's bought here in Sweden at Dollarstore.
As you can see from the pictures it's a dark brown/wine red shimmer polish. Isn't called burgundy too? This one covered in just one coat but I have two coats on the pictures just to see if the color would intense and to make it thicker, my nails are thin and I can't walk around with just one coat on my nails. :)
The color it self is definitely not unique, I have one from Isadora and one from Paris Memories which look like this, my mum also had one from Color Club and some other budget brands which was similar to this one as well. But I do like this color.
And as for the nail art, I stamped the bows and afterwards I placed 1MM flat loose copper glitter in the center of the bows.
Have you noticed another thing? The bottle is exactly the same as the ones Kleancolor uses. I also thought that it smelled like the Kleancolor polishes smells like. I'm suspecting maybe there is a Kleancolor dupe of this too.. ;)
The backside of the polish says that it's called 67. However this marking reminds me of the tags some fake OPI's got.
Here you see the image plate I used for the bows. It's from Konad and is number m3.

Stuff used:
ZTIZ nail polish - 67
Konad nail polish - White
Konad image plate m3
Copper flat loose glitter 1MM


  1. Might not be an unique colour, but it sure is one rich vampy beauty!! This looks awesome on you, I really think you should wear this kind of shade more often!!

    1. Yes, a color doesn't have to be unique to look good! :)
      Yes, I think you're right, I do have a lot of this vampy shades but some how I don't use them so often. Maybe I should start using them more! :D

  2. This is soo cute!! I love bows!
    Definitely burgundy ;)
    What is Dollarstore?? Never heard of it! Is it a shop or an online shop?

    1. Yes, I loved it too :D
      It's a shop based mainly in the north of sweden but has also expanded. Everything there costs even numbers like 10, 20, 30 etc. If you google it you can see if you got any close, they usually have cheap polishes. However the quality between shops differ. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! :) Yea, the color isn't unique but still very pretty :)

  4. Herregud så snyggt lack :O Nej kanske ingen unik färg precis men otroligt vackert ändå :)
    Tror jag har något liknande i min samling... *springer och kollar*
    Jo det var ganska likt... i varje fall då man ser på det i flaskan :)
    Jättegullig manikyr :)

    1. Tack, kul att du gillade den! Kändes lite gulligt med rosetter. :D Kan tänka mig att de flesta kan ha någon liknande i samlingen faktiskt! Kramers! :P


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