Friday, September 11, 2015

2015 31DC2015 - Day 11; Vintage dots with withered black and white rose nail art

The first ten days of the 31 day challenge is already done! Can you believe? Next ten manis will be "styles" and the first style is dots.

I decided to do a freehand nail art with a vintage feeling to it. With a dotticure base (and ops, some cartoon inspired frame) and some freehand withered black and white roses. I also added some silver tear drop metal studs. Somehow I wish I had a more delicate and detailed result, but in the same time this is done with nail polishes only and hence this is as good as it gets. Later this year I will be able to use my acrylic paint, I'll also buy a fine nail art brush, the one I got now is quite "un fine". I also quite happy I also painted it on my non dominant hand. I really enjoyed wearing this manicure.

Left hand, painted with my dominant hand.

Right hand, painted with my non-dominant hand.

Polishes used:
La Femme (gray)
KIKO - 329
KIKO - 246

Essence - That's what I Mint!
Rival De Loop - 406, swatch here
Nordic Cap - NP13
R de L Young - White


  1. Snygga! Känns lite olikt din stil på något sätt, men passar dig riktigt bra!

  2. Superfint =) Jag hade kunnat tänka mig att ha det som tapet, med de söta prickarna och de urläckra blommorna =)

  3. amazing dots mani ! i like this mint Kiko and Essence

  4. Gorgeous manicure! I love it very much, the colours and polka dots really do make an awesome vintage look! xx

  5. very cute, this manicure looks amazing again!

  6. Sjukt snyggt! Härligt med den mintgröna basen och tycker dina rosor blev jättefina :)

  7. Such a pretty mani, I like the look :-D


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