Sunday, September 13, 2015

2015 31DC2015 - Day 13; NCC presents: Snake skin nail art

Today I have my very first try with snake skin to share. It works great for today's 31 day challenge with the theme animal print, and also this is my third pet for the Nail Challenge Collaborative theme this month. Any one of you who've had a snake or reptile as a pet? I always wanted a snake when I was younger (I like snakes and still think they're cool but I don't feel the same wish to own one.)

I wouldn't say it's perfect in any way, this snake happens to be very shimmery and duochrome. ;) I looked at some tutorials and this is done with a net (got this net from a bag of onions from the grocery store, but also other vegetables and fruit have this net). So basically I pressed the net on top, dabbed black polish on and removed the net, same like a nail vinyl. After I sponged two sheer duochromes on top, to get some dimension. In some ways I think it looks cool, in other ways it looks like a blind retard has made it. Let me know what you think?


With flash.

Polishes used:
Trend It Up - 040
P2 - Petrol Beat

R de L Young - Indian Feeling
Essence - Black Is Back


  1. Jag gillar manikyren och den layerade effekten! Men ormar gillar jag inte alls, kan inte tänka mig något läskigare än att ha det som husdjur :)

  2. I think they look amazing! Love the multichrome reptile look!
    Ars Ungealis (@Ungulae on Twitter)

  3. Men sååå coolt, gillar det verkligen.

  4. Wow that is so beautiful! And I also like this p2 polish - amazing! :D

  5. Vilken läcker manikyr! Jag älskar ormar och ville ha en när jag var yngre (då större delen av min släkt är pälsdjursallergiker kunde vi inte ha pälsdjur) men min mamma tvärvägrade haha.

    1. Tack, ja jag ville också ha som sagt men fick inte heller. Älskar ormar fortfarande men vill inte längre ha som husdjur. :P

  6. Väldigt snyggt och häftigt! Jag tänker ormmönstrade tights och tycker det ser ut som en seende person helt vid sina sunda vätskor har gjort det:)

  7. Ooh lovely with the multichromes! These colours would look equally fantastic in galaxy nails - they remind me of nebula clouds.

  8. Oh wow Gelic that is one AWESOME mani you have created here :-D <3

  9. Super fräck effekt och så galet snyggt


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