Tuesday, September 22, 2015

31DC2015 - Day 22; The distillers Drain The Blood inspired nail art

Day 22 in the 31 day challenge is inspired by a song and I decided to get inspired by The distillers - Drain The Blood. It's a punk rock band with the main singer being Brody Dalle. I tried finding some information about the "meaning" of the song and some suggested her breakup with the boyfriend, but it could also have other meanings, nonetheless I think that the nail art I created fit quite good. ;)

In a city, that swells with so much hate
You seem to rise above and take its place
The heart pumps until it dies
Drain the blood, the heart is wise

I freehanded my pointer and long finger and the rest is done with the straw method creating a splatter. And then some spike studs, which sat surprisingly good but I imagine they would go quite fast with some kind of serious activity, like breathing. ;) Super happy with these, hope you'll like them too!

Polishes used:
R de L Young - Dangerous
R de L Young - Ruby Red
Essence - Wild White Ways
Essence - Black Is Back


  1. Jesus this is bloody! Also awesome. My first thought was My Bloody Valentine, but this makes more sense. I've been playing a guessing game with everyone's manis for today!

    1. Thanks! haha, good guess ;) Fun idea, I wouldn't be able to guess half of it even :D

  2. Oh wow! Your mani is very disturbing!! Fits the song perfectly tho! <3

    1. Haha, lol, just the effect I was going for!Thanks :D

  3. Väldigt coola! Lite svår i jobbsammanhang kan jag dock tänka mig ;)

    1. Tack! Haha, ja egentligen kan de sitta ganska hårt om man använder nagellim men då kan man ju kanske skada nageln om det slits bort, if den stora av de två.

  4. I've heard The Distillers before and thought they were okay. But this is one hellva mani. I love it! Brilliant :-D

    So what other groups or types of music do you like?

    1. Thank you! :D

      Oh, I'm into rock, metal, grunge, punk rock etc but genres are hard (some band might to it good and others dont) and some has just some songs that are good and then we have the mood, different moods require different music.

      So a small spectra (not all songs but still):
      Otep and the distillers you know already. But then: Tool, Ghost bc, the devils make three, three days grace, the dead kennedys, dropkick murphys, five finger death punch, foo fighters, nirvana, soil, boba flex, rage against the machine, avatar, metallica, skillet, the pretty reckless, in this moment, pantera, queens of the stone age, testament, turbo negro, in flames, raised fist, eluvite, dimmu borgir..
      But I also like more easy going stuff like mumford and sons, tracy chapman, the kooks, eddie vedder, glen hansard, mike ness and other guitarry's ballad stuff. :)

      What are you into? I'm always looking for new interesting stuff. :P

  5. Cool! These are so gritty!! Great job! :)


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