Sunday, September 27, 2015

31DC2015 - Day 27; Banksy street art inspired nail art

Today artwork is the theme of the day and I decided to get inspired by street art. I just love well made graffiti and street art. There is often good political and social statements and some of the 3D art are just mind baffling.

Today I have done a nail art inspired by Banksy (a quite well known street artist), I wish I had small detail brushes so I could be able to make more detailed work since my canvases are way smaller than a brick wall. However with that in consideration it's not that bad. I found a "graffiti" aka crackle polish in P2's new collection and figured it would fit perfect for this. The rest is freehanded with a fineliner polish and a dotting tool. Hope you like it. :)

Polishes used:
Dance Legend satin matte top coat

P2 - Exquisite Grey
P2 - Grey Sapphirine
Essence - Black Is Back
R de L Young - Ruby Red
R de L Young - Black

Banksy wall ; source


  1. +10 points for making a crackle polish work so perfectly in nail art! Awesome work on these!

  2. i like how you made it ! artistic 100%

  3. Vilken härlig tolkning och så snyggt gjort!

  4. Nice inspiration for this one. I really do like it! :-D

  5. Jag är en stor favorit av Banksy så jag fullkomligt älskar det här :) SÅ SNYGGT!!!

  6. Snyggt! Gillar som gråa nyanserna


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