Wednesday, September 30, 2015

31DC2015 - Day 29; Ghost bc inspired nail art

Annoyingly I'm one day behind now, but I'll fix that up later today. This post is for day 29 which is super natural. Since I'm also doing the #musicpolishfestival challenge which had the theme favorite music video I decided to join the two. My music video of choice is Ghost BC - Year Zero, which is a swedish heavy metal band with satanic and "dark" lyrics. The band contains of the "anti-pope Emiratus lll" with a "skull mask" and the 5 nameless ghouls and even though they been around for almost a decade the members name are still a secret since they always wear masks (well I'm pretty sure who most of them are, but not 100%).

All my nails are done with freehand painted with polish. I've decided for a few things appearing in the video of Year Zero and skipped other things. In the video some women are having a feast with papa Emiratus (he's wearing a face mask) and they're dining on raw meat and grapes and wine. Afterwards the women dresses them self to become the nameless ghouls (but the actual ghouls aren't women so it's more of a trick). In the video there's also a boy which helds his hands towards the sun, almost hiding it, that's my thumb painting. My pinkie and pointer are with the "food", my ring finger is of papa Emiratus with his "ghost skull painting" and on my middle finger I have the five ghouls and the Ghost BC logo. I know everything might not make sense if you haven't seen the video but nonetheless I'm very happy with the outcome.

I also did it in shiny but I think that everything looked better matte.
Forgot to photo the polishes used..
P2 - ?

Essence - Black is Back
Essence - Wild White Ways
R de L Young - White
R de L Young - Black

Dance Legend satin matte tc


  1. Gud sååå läckert, riktigt coolt. Du är så himla duktig.

  2. Wow, va bra gjort! Jättesnyggt! Däremot måste jag erkänna att jag inte hört talas om ett enda band du nämnt den här månaden ;)

  3. scary a bit, but i love and like it ! you rock it

  4. Alltså ärligt talat.... jag ÄLSKAR Ghost BC så när jag såg denna manikyr släppte jag ur mig ett glädje tjut :D
    ÄLSKAR den här manikyren SÅ otroligt mycket!!
    Du är ta mig tusan för härlig du :)

  5. Alltså din kreativitet har ju verkligen igen gräns :) sjukt snyggt


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