Friday, September 25, 2015

31DC2015 - Day 25; fashion inspired sheer black dot negative space nail art

I just can't stop my self, I love doing fashion inspired nail art. For me it's like a full buffet of options. This time my inspiration is from a Black Milk Clothing sweater and the bandeau behind reminded me of a black smiley. I can't say that the actual end result is especially unique (I've seen several nail artist's done this before) but I really like it! I was also happy that I managed to get the dots at least somewhat good (usually my dots gets more different sized). Just happiness :D

Polishes used:
Dance Legend satin matte top coat
Sabrina clear polish

Essence - Black is back
(I DIY'd the sheer black with clear and black)

The inspiration piece, click the image for source.


  1. Jag som gillar matta effekter faller handlöst. Enkelt och superläckert =)

  2. Alltså hjälp vad snyggt! Roligt med plagg från BMC som inspiration dessutom. :D

  3. Jättesnyggt! Gillar effekten av det skira svarta och klockren tolkning av plagget :D

  4. Åh verkligen älskar den här manikyren, såå sjukt snygg

  5. Great mani. Hehe I was thinking sexy underwear ;-)

  6. OJ WOW!!!
    Såå jädra snyggt :O
    Jag älskar negative space manikyrer men det här är nog den snyggaste jag sett på länge


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