Friday, September 18, 2015

2015 31DC2015 - Day 18; Half moons in black and neon green + negative space, shiny version

Hi, today it's all about "half moons", and this was actually one of the themes I had an idea for long before I started this challenge. I saw this design at instagrammer Just1nail and decided to recreate it/do something inspired by it. I think hers is way better, maybe this is a design which fit much better for short nails? My color of choice was a neon green instead of pastel pink, just because I love neon green. This particular green was so bright that my camera couldn't capture it perfectly. Of the black negative space parts I much prefer the nail which is all black, will probably do something with that in the future. ;) Hope you'll like it. (also a matte version coming up soon.)

Above is my favorite of the accent, think it feels a bit glass like. :) Also added a single pic of the green, showing it in it's most accurate color. As I said it's so bright and neony that it was a trouble photographing this in the full hand photos,  when the green was good the black was too dark etc. :)

Polishes used:
Eva Mosaic - 265

R de L Young - Black
Essence - Wild White Ways
Essence - Black Is Back
(And DIY black jelly with Essence - Black Is Back and some clear polish)


  1. This looks amazing! The bright green really pops against the black. I love the colour combo.

  2. Jag tycker det blev jättefint! Coolt med den gröna färgen som bryter av.

  3. this green is beautiful really, love this gentle black pattern, like lace

  4. and the shiny version looks great as well :)

  5. lovely design, green looks so good with black :)

  6. It's a really great mani and I do like it shiny as well :-D Again, that's one great green :-D


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