Thursday, August 16, 2012

China glaze - Caribbean Blue from the Bahama Blues collection

A polish Which has been out there for some years. China glaze - Caribbean Blue from the Bahama Blues collection. I love blue polishes, and the CG collection was all blue, so you can guess what happened..Grabbed some.

This is the first application, from 2010(!).

 Doing like Lelack and show you a "close up", to show of the glass-flecks.
And the verdict, I don't like it. Glass-flecks can look so beautiful with the correct color, but this time I thought that the silver glass-flecks only make it look dirty. Some swatches of this that I've seen have been way too bright and too colored. Or maybe it's just my bottle that is grey and muddy. The color is some what like the middle picture I think.

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