Thursday, August 23, 2012

Package received with W7

And here's another package received and this time with W7 nail polish. This is from a collection with three polishes they've got (unfortunately they only had two of them in when I ordered but I picked up the other one later) W7 is an English nail polish brand, with the same bottles as Nail-venturous polishes and also (almost) the same as OPI. I actually have some other W7 bottles from before, which is pearly iridescent but in other bottles (like HM old square onces) 

I think W7 -Lava flow looks a bit like granite! It has a white milky base with matte black glitter and sparkling red glitter. W7 - Mosaic has a blue base with sparkling dark blue and light green glitters. I'm not sure about the formula, ie if it's jelly like or creme.

I think they look a bit like franken polish. I really like that W7 have made these. Can't wait to get home the missing W7 - Salt n pepper (a white base with matte black glitter). It has been said to look like Nails inc - Sugar house lane, but from picture comparisons I wouldn't say that they are so alike. W7 - Mosaic however look a bit like Nails inc. - Pudding lane. 

Bought from and for  2,3£ each.

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