Monday, August 13, 2012

The come back for OPI - Man of la mancha

This post is dedicated to Sminkan who gave me new hope on OPI - Man of la mancha (former to what I posted as my most disappointing polish so far).

This time I layered it over dark green as underwear. On all pictures it is 3 coats of Man of la mancha over the dark green. The result? Magical!

I sometime have a hard time wearing "red" polishes per ce, but this, as you know isn't red, it's duochrome. Finally even I got to see in person how beautiful it was in reality and not only in other peoples pictures. It's shifting from dark red, to goldish, to green and everything in between depending on the light and angle. And this I've tried to capture.. I think I managed, but my problem was and is that I couldn't edit among the pictures, I love them all (okay, I removed some). So the following is MAJOR picture spam.

 I also really like how it looks like in direct sunlight, when it got that deep red color and have the small "glitter" sparkling as can be seen above.

My favorite comment when I wore it:
she: -Oh, what a beautiful nail polish! (she says looking at my nails)
me: -Thankyou. (showing my left hand closer for her to see)
she: - No, the other hand?
me: -It's the same polish on both...


  1. Jag sa ju det! Det är enastående! Och vad fint du fångat de gröna tonerna i det!

    1. Du hade helt rätt! Älskar den nu! Kommer använda den många gånger mer nu då jag vet att den ser fantastisk ut, både i mulet, sol och inomhus. :)


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