Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cute crab nail art

Hi guys, here we got a crab nail art, seen it on some pics at google, but this girls version caught my eye and I knew I wanted to do something similar. Since I had the blue china glaze on I thought it would be fitting for this occasion as water. It is done with dotting tool and fine liners. I had some problems with application of the red parts since apparently my red was more jelly-like than creme-covering-in-one-coat-polish. I ended up adding a lot of coats and in the end Sure Promise to make it red, for next time I'll just start with Sure Promise (red) since it was very opaque. However, the problems didn't end there, I had to use a crap top coat making the surfaces bubbly.  However, here's the result, I think it came out fine despite all!

China Glaze -Caribbean blue
Sure Promise (red)
ZTIZ nail polish (white, black)


  1. Haha, de skulle du ju haft på en kräftskiva - klockrent! :-D

    1. Ja, verkligen! Hamnar jag på nån sån iår så ska jag göra dem igen! :)

  2. ha ha de var roliga:) (på ett positivt sätt)

    1. Allt med ögon blir ju lite roligt, direkt ser man att det är "något".


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