Thursday, August 23, 2012

More package arrived with W7

My other package from fragrancemad arrived today, so picture spam of bottles:

 Above are some polishes from their Dazzle collection, I chose the green, purple and pink. They are allfilled with glitter in a clear base. Tried on the pink on my toenails, and I think it will take massive amount of coats or perhaps some layering.
 Above I have a shiny dark brown(perhaps some purple in it?) creme called Black Cherry. And then what I'm actually most interested about, Salt n Pepper! Matte black glitter in a milky white base. And then the Purple Rain.. Which I actually thought was in the W7 - Planets collection, since it would fit perfectly being duochrome and in the same color scheme. Mostly it looks warm purple, almost hot pink, more like glass-flecked actually. It also show blue and small amount gold brown in the bottle.
And now the actual W7 - Planet collection with 6 polishes named by planets. Above is three of them.

First up is Metallic Venus, the one I thinks the most interesting one looking at the bottle. It looks more shimmer than metallic (like all of the above) but have an amazing color spectra from blue, purple, pink, brown -goldish but mostly just purple/darker red.

Then we have Metallic mars. I actually think of OPI - man of la mancha when I see it. Sometime it looks like darker red with a hint of purple (wine red?) and then it shifts to bronze, and a hint of gold and green.

And then the Metallic Saturn, the on I have the least expectations about, it looks the least duochrome. I almost thought that it was a dupé for the Chanel Peridot but it isn't. Metallic Saturn is more dark olive green with olive green shimmer, however when turning the bottle I can see grey shimmer shifting, making it look interesting. 
 Above is Metallic Neptune shifting from dark blue to teal, and to purple. In the bottom I can see a hint of a gold-brownish shimmer.
 Both above and below I have Metallic Mercury. As you can see it is not fine shimmer, more glass-flecked or larger shimmer or how to say? I would almost say that is reminds me to Metallic Mars except that it has a larger shimmer in it. The larger shimmer makes it behave differently, the wine red glitter sparkles more, shifting some to a bronze color with some green in it. It also feels "darker" than Metallic Mars.

 Above and below is Metallic Jupiter. It as well has the same large shimmer/glass-fleck(?) as Metallic Mercury. The difference is that Jupiter is more purple and blue comparing to Mercury which is more wine red. However Jupiter has some nice shimmer of bronze, gold and green.

Worth noticing is that I had to make the pictures very bright to be able to grab a picture of the polishes, ie they where very hard to capture.

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