Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dark green magnetic nail polish

I've been a bit ambivalent about magnetic nail it worth it? But who am I kidding, of cause I must try it out. ;)

The name of the polish is "Magic nail polish" and the number I bought is 01, (the bottle says 001). This is a dark green polish with little color in it so it's almost to the verge if gray. It is however well-pigmented and covers in just one coat and the formula is great. Also very worth mentioning is that it changed its color after I'd applied the top coat (seche vite) and except for more shine it got noticeably more green! The magnet I got with it is "striped" diagonal.

The picture above is in natural light (sun)
 The polish and the magnet. In this brand they've chosen to have a loose rectangular magnet.
The picture above shows my thumb which is not "magnetized". Can you see the difference between the color of the nail and bottle? Before the top coat the color was the same and after I'd applied top coat it got much greener.
I think it's fun that it's so changeable, if you just want to have it like regular polish - just do. And if you want it to be striped -put on the magnet. It's like a "fast and simple" way of making nail art, except that it is a bit time consuming and not that simple to hold the magnet if you're not use to it.

I knew that to get the magnet effect you place the magnet some millimeters away from the newly painted nail for some seconds. And that you paint/do one nail at the time. A problem for me was that I had to remake the majority of my nails since I accidentally dropped/dabbed the magnet on to the wet polish making a mark. I thought that it was no problem, just to paint a new coat over the "old" messed up nail (tried both on a wet nail and a dried nail (since it dries very fast)). However of some strange reason the magnet didn't work then. I was tired and went to bed and when I the next morning tried to paint an addition new layer it worked.

One additional problem for me is that my nails are very curved to all directions and I notice that some part of my nails aren't getting affected by the magnet since of my curved nails. In some nails I had problem getting a patternat all, like the pinkie.
 The picture above is with flash.
What better way to show the color than to compare? To the left is Magic nail polish and to the right China Glaze - Gussied up green. Even before the comparison I knew that they weren't close, but sadly this is the one that is closest in color that I've got. Got to get more dark green polishes, I love them.

However I really liked this polish. I think that it got a really beautiful color and that the magnet effect is beautiful. However I've seen more fantastic magnetic polishes, like the 3D-magnetic polish; Layla Black Metal Magneffect Polish. But considering that this Magic nail polish is only like a fifth of the price of a Layla I think it's worth and I'm considering buying more magnetic polishes of the same ebay seller (was more colors in the shop)

Bought at ebay for £1,59 (17,50SEK, ~2,5$)


  1. Jag tror jag ledsnade på magnetlack redan innan jag egentligen fick hem några, men jag tycker i alla fall att det ser ut att vara en fin färg på lacket i sig!

    1. Jo risken att ledsna är väldigt stor, därför känns det lite onödigt att köpa de dyraste varianterna. Det sköna med magnetlack är ju däremot att orkar man inte så är det bara att lacka som vanligt om färgen är fin, till skillnad från cracklelack som bara "är" om man tröttnat på dem.


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