Monday, August 6, 2012

Kleancolor package arrived!

It really arrived for some days ago, but it's fun showing anyhow. Picture heavy. See anything you like? :)
I like Kleancolor, they are cheap and have good quality, perfect for nail art à 1-2coaters. These I bought at ebay for nothing and got them less than a week after. Just perfect.

 I added the name of them on the caps to make it easier if anyone wonder what they are called.

Hello there dupeés.. well yea almost. If I knew they where so similar I would have skipped one of them. Beach blue is slightly darker than neon blue.
Disclaimer: Pictures are not perfectly color correct so if you like something, I would find some swatches to make sure that you still like it. :)
I will not do swatches on them either unless someone specifically ask for it. They will appear random in nail art.

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