Thursday, July 19, 2012

Black and white pedicure nail art with pearl rhinestones

Here's a pedicure nail art from two summers ago, I thought it's summer and do we use sandals and open-toe otherwise? First of all I have to say, I hate toes, my own and others. How ever I do look after them and they are as well always polished, and yes in the majority of time I have some sort of nail art on them. Very often I try to match my pedicure with my manicure, however the toe nails survives longer. 

 On the toes I have 1MM pearl rhinestones, black and white pearl as can be seen.
And here I've got the matching nails, however I can't figure out why there's no rhinestones on the nails? I'm sure that I had them but can't find a picture of it. Never the less, you get the picture.

Polishes used are China Glaze - White Out and Sure Promise (black).

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