Monday, July 2, 2012

Pink flowers made with tear drop rhinestones at a green base

First we got a NOTD for needme PARIS Nail Polish -12. I shouldn't do NOTD with no camera since colors may not look like they should. And I don't think they look like they should this time. The without-flash picture is the most correct but the color should be lighter, more avocado looking.

And below I got a nail design I actually didn't like at all, but why not show it anyhow. Someone might like it. I've used tear drop shaped rhinestones to form the flowers which I put on the accent nails. I actually think that's the best way of using just that kind of rhinestones; ie as flowers or half-flowers.

After That I still felt that it wasn't that nice so I took L.A. Colors Art Deco - green glitter and drew a thin line. But still not my favorite.

Close-up on the flower.

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