Sunday, July 8, 2012

Collection 2000 - 184 light pink + Kleancolor Holo pink layering

For today I have something as unusual as a NOTD, or more correctly swatch I guess. The pink color was impossible to get correct. The color is more, well pink, bubblegum pink, and in the bottle there is some silver shimmer. Can't say I love having this color on my nails, but I did have a plan with it, that will show soon ;) The brand is Collection 2000 - 184.

What about Collection 2000 then? Bought a bunch of them from ebay and I have had some C2000 before as well. And yes, they are cheap and it is a budget brand, so what I will say next may not be a surprise. The brush sucks, the worst brush I ever used, it is not even a brush, it is more like a stiff broom. The formula is thin but it is impossible to brush a nice coat since the stiff broom sweeps some nail polish away every time and make lines at the nails. Since of that you need more coats than necessary to make it look okay. I wanted to see how many coats I would need to make it cower and I must say I lost count, but about 7-9 coats.

The pink was quite boring on its own so I putted on 1-2 coats of Kleancolor - Holo pink. And from the girly bubblegum color I went to girly glittery barbie color.

I do like Kleancolor and I do like holographic finnish, but I wouldn't call Holo pink holographic, not really. It is not even holographic scatter, it is more like a holograpic glitter top coat with some hint of pink in. Luckily Kleancolor is so cheap, and if I just except it not to be holographic per ce, I can enjoy it for what it is; holographic glitter. And that can be nice as well. :)

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