Saturday, July 7, 2012

Nail him HM nail polish with HM crackle polish

Well, the title says it all, ie. more crackle nail polish, all made by HM! The blue is Nail him by HM nail polish and the black crackle is HM crackle polish. As I mentioned earlier today the hardest thing with crackle polish is the base. The base color must be great. I have to confess that I really like Nail him by HM, love the blue color! So here it is, a nice combination.

Above I've documented a little "experiment" with different kind of brush strokes. The two fingers to the left are brushed sweepingly from side to side. And the two fingers to the right are just done regularly, brushed from the top to the bottom. I prefer the regular method, I think it looks cleaner some how. What do you think?

And a little review about the HM crackle polish. I think it is okay, it dries fast, and it also make the polish below drier (if you just painted it). However I must say that I think that Isadora graffiti makes better crackle. I think the formula holds a better quality, has all the good features that HM's crackle polish has but makes a better pattern. But that's just my opinion. I actually gave my HM crackle polish to my mum. :)

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