Saturday, July 7, 2012

Crackle nail polish with pearl rhinestones

I have a hard time with crackle nail polish, how do you make it looking good?! The base is important. 

I used a purple shimmer polish from ZTIZ (also a budget brand, bought at dollarstore for 10SEK) and my intention wasn't to make this mani, but when I stumbled on the HM crackle nail polish I thought why not try it on the ZTIZ. Said and done, I did. Afterwards I wasn't amazed so I added more.. I put on one of my absolute favorite layering effect polish from Paris memories (which is the blueish rainbow glitter effect showing the most on the black crackle). And to top it of, I put 4MM pearl rhinestones on. After adding everything I still wasn't amazed but I thought it looked okay. 

I just love pearl rhinestones...and I love the effect polish even if it doesn't show its full potential in the pictures.

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