Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My most disappointing nail polish

My most disappointing nail polish. I was so amazed with this nail polish, I'd seen it on several blogs and googled it and all pictures where so great. It looked like a duochrome dream striking from red, orange, yellow, gold, brown and sometime even green. I'm talking about OPI - man of la mancha.

It looked like the two pictures above all the time, the upper one in sun light and the other in shadow. I was so disappointed and felt like an old lady with boring red nails.

I didn't give up tough, at the last day with a whole bunch of tip wear and chipping I took the pictures below. It was in a car in some sort of half-shadow day light and some manipulating of the settings I got this result in the pictures. In real life, still red.

Oh, to make it worse, when I applied Man of la mancha, the bottle tipped and the polish went all over my new jeans and on the floor. The formula was thin, both in application and when it streamed out of the bottle.. I used 3-4 coats to make it cover. These pictures are two years old now and I haven't touched it since.

However, I'm willing to give it one last chance. Maybe if I layer it over black or dark brown shimmer it will look better and the duochrome effect will show..


  1. Jag tycker mellanbrunt eller mörkgrönt är de snyggaste "underkläderna" för det här lacket. Det är fantastiskt fint!

    1. Det ska jag verkligen testa, mörkgrönt lät intressant! Jag har inte gett upp hoppet ännu. Jag tror faktiskt att jag första gången såg det på din blogg och sen kikat på det på fler ställen, och därefter köpte jag det.


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