Saturday, July 28, 2012

Comparison between base color in zebra nail art designs

So, here's the comparison between a black base and white lines zebra nail art and a white base and black lines zebra nail art.

The light condition is different in them but you get the picture. I think that the difference is hardly noticeable, one time I alternated the base color from finger to finger but can't find it now, but not even then it was a big difference. I guess if there is a bigger distance between the zebra lines than what I have done it might show.

I think that the advantage with a black base could be that it could be done faster. White polishes tend to need 3-4 coats and black ones 1-2 coats (in my point of view); minimizing the drying time and work load ;). Sadly I've lost my fabulous L.A. Colors Art Deco - white somewhere but I'll buy a new one for sure! :)

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