Thursday, July 26, 2012

How could I ever missed this!?

My interest in stamping is wider than it seems, yet I've showed no stamping nail art so far. However, I'm in possession of about 30 image plates, and I like the result when it's made good. My problem is that my stamping tool only has a small end (yes, I thought the black one was cooler, evidently that one was I have to buy a pink) and the whole-nail-designs are way too small for my nails, it is more like if I can use them as a french mani than full manicure. Then I found out about this:

It is a large image plate (with for example, houndstooth pattern which I think is beyond gorgeous) and aswell the actual images are larger making it possible for a full manicure.

Then why does it has to be sold out?! eagerly waiting for the re-stock e-mail.. come on! :D

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