Saturday, July 14, 2012

Flying bumblebee in the blue sky nail art design

Here is a nail art I love! I've seen it on several blogs, so no credit for me coming up with the idea :)

First I was going to write wasp, since it is definately not a bee, but now when I'm looking at it, it seems more like a bumblebee. So I'll stick with flying bumblebee in the sky. ;)

And the reason I'm holding cotton in my hand? I was just about to take it of when I remembered that I could photo it.

The blue base is HM nail polish - U must have this. But from when they had cylinder shaped caps. I believe that HM still got this, but with the box-shaped caps? Anyone who knows? I'm not home for a week and can't check for a weak, think I got both of them at home..

The black is done with L.A. Colors Art Deco, and the darker blue wings, the yellow etc are made with Sure Promise.

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